Writing a Fiction Blog

There are many articles on how to blog, and most of them are great for non-fiction writers. The question that bothers most authors is, how does a fiction writer who has to talk about imaginary characters, blog?

As a writer, you’ve probably visited several hundreds of blogs for research, and you will know that they cover every subject. Every blog has a theme and carries a purpose. What’s the purpose of your blog? If you are setting up a blog: https://www.campusreview.com.au/blog-page/ for the sale of your books, that’s just a part of the reason why you need one.

You would have to consider what your readers are looking for in your blog since you are obviously not solving a problem like non-fiction writers. The primary reason people will want to visit a fiction blog is so that they can read your stories. They are looking for stories that are captivating, inspiring, entertaining and will keep them wanting more.

How Do You Grab the Interest of Your Readers?

You need to keep your blog interesting, and by this, it means exciting stories published for readers to enjoy. Your ability to entertain readers is by keeping them immersed in your stories. Keep readers entertained so they can be anxious to learn more about your fiction characters, and be inspired by your stories. Here are some proven ways in which you can keep your readers entertained.

Give Your Best

Readers are looking for a great story; giving them more than one makes you even better. See how great stories, such as Avatar: The Last Airbender, have captivated the minds of a large number of fans and have kept them appreciating the show. You can touch your readers like that, by giving them your best work.


People are attracted to visuals. To keep the attention of your readers, add some graphics to your stories, to give people a better view of your world. It’s not advisable to give your fiction characters images, because people like to create a picture of them in their minds.

Great Quotes

Every great fiction story has a quote that readers will hardly forget. These quotes are what readers will remember your story by, especially those that come from villains in the fiction. You can look through your book, and lift these quotes as a theme for your blog.

Mini Stories

These are just little stories you create for your readers that gets them to want to read the main story in your book. It can be a continuous part of the main story or just something that takes them to the period in which the book was written. It keeps your readers wanting to learn more about the story, and gives them something to look forward to.