Why write fiction?

If you love writing or you have these words in your mind that just can’t wait to get out, then you know how hard it is to just keep it in. Words are meant to come out and so are stories. You wouldn’t have the greatest tales told if the authors decided to keep the words to themselves.

Here’s what you will find on this website: stories. Stories that are waiting to be read by people, stories that are meant to inspire and stories that are written by creative minds from around the world.

As a writer, don’t hold those words back and don’t let anything stop you from putting those words down. There are times you look at your blank screen and stare at your keyboard without an idea on how to fill up the blank page on your screen with words. For some writers when they close their eyes and open their hearts, the words begin to pour out like they were hidden somewhere waiting for someone to just let them out.

This website is a place where you would find writers ready to deliver the best fiction stories. If you’re looking for mystery, science fiction, horror, historical fiction etc, this is the place to be. This platform is available for freelance writers to share their fiction stories and is also a platform for writers to learn how to create captivating fiction stories. If you are new to writing and want to get better at it, the secret to writing well and be successful at it is to write often.

If you feel you have what it takes to create a great fiction story, why not start creating a wonderful one today. You would be surprised that there are millions of people around the world just waiting to hear your story.