7 Signs You Were Meant to Be a Fiction Writer

Have you ever thought of writing fiction or becoming a writer? Sometimes, it might seem you should write about something but you aren’t sure. It might be that you notice something about the way you put things down and it just feels right.

If you are reading this article, then there’s probably a chance you are meant to be a fiction writer. You are probably meant to change the world with your words.

Here are just a few seven signs that you’re meant to become a fiction writer.

It’s in your dreams

You’ve already dreamt of writing or seeing some exciting characters with fun stories. If you are already writing, then it means you are dreaming of writing something even much bigger, like a novel or working for a big freelancing client. In your heart, you know that the characters you’re dreaming about are anxious to be shared to the world but there’s a little voice inside you that’s just holding you back.

You are not sure

The major thing that holds people back from accomplishing their dreams is doubt. There’s a reason you’re even considering writing. It means there’s something you would like to share and if it wasn’t there, you wouldn’t think of writing. You just have this doubt that keeps popping in your mind that you shouldn’t do it.

If you are able to get rid of this doubt that keeps telling you your idea isn’t that great. You might be able to move forward.


You are thinking of hanging out with your friends and at the same time, you know you have to write. As a writer, you live a different life and aren’t interested in doing what others are doing. It’s your nature to want to stay back doing what you love doing which is writing and this makes you different from others. Embrace your gift and don’t fall into the hands of peer pressure.

You’re inspired

Fiction writers are always inspired to write new stories. If you are meant to be a writer, you will be inspired and would be motivated to use your inspiration for others. If you get an inspiration to write a fiction, don’t hesitate. Don’t think your idea is crazy or not perfect. Let it out and let readers hear your voice.

You want it to be perfect

People will always want the things they care about to be perfect. If you are meant to write, you would want your writing to inspire people. You would want your words to reach out to the desires of your readers. Having a desire for your writing to be perfect means that you care about your writing and also about your readers.

You are a huge fan of great writers

You have a mentor or mentors that are great writers. You’ve been able to see how great writers are able to construct their prose. You pay attention to every word that is written by your favourite writers. This only shows you are meant to be a writer.

You really want to be a writer

You feel it and you just know that you are meant to write. You get this yearning in your heart that tells you should start writing fiction. You already know it and its like you’re just waiting to give yourself permission to go ahead and start writing. Follow you’re and do what you love